Ravni is a small tourist place situated on the east coast of Istria. During winter there are about twenty families who are mostly occupied with fishing and growing of olives which are traditional preoccupation of the people who live there. This small charming place has become favorite destination of the tourist and holiday makers who spend summers there and of those who want to find relaxation in a harmony with nature.

The Mediterranean climate is especially mild in this part of the country. Even in summer the place and its beautiful main beach aren’t crowded with the tourists. Ravni is the jewel with many small hidden beaches and bays and coves so if you would like to go swimming and sunbathing alone you can easy find some perfect place hidden of someone’s view or noise coming from the main beach.

The crystal clear sea offers ideal condition for swimming and diving. Ravni is a surf paradise where the lovers of active rest can enjoy in mild wind especially in the afternoons when the landward breeze blows. You can fulfill your time by riding bicycle, by walking and fishing. There is a small grocery shop where you can bay necessary groceries. There is also a fish restaurant, a pizzeria and a pub.

Basic information

  • Population: 80
  • Sea water temperature: lowest: from 9.3 to 11.1°C in March, highest: from 23.3 to 24.1°C in August
  • Salinity: an average of 36 to 38 pro mille
  • Vegetation: Istria`s forests cover 35% of the area (pine forests and scrubs)
  • Climate: Mediterranean climate (5 to 9°C in January, 22 to 25°C in August)